Frequently Asked Questions

What is flash fiction?

Every story carries a reader along, and flash fiction does so in less than 1000 words, mainly. There is a protagonist, usually some conflict and a resolution. The story is short enough to make sense while it also leaves a lot open to interpretation. The stories are mint enough to read more than once for deeper understanding, while hopefully appreciated in a flash. Flash fiction is an emerging literary genre. Almost all Stor-E-Cards have flash fiction while some are poetic paragraphs which exercise a wee bit of creative license.

How can I read the story?

With Stor-E-Cards, simply go to the online page where the story lives and you will see the card photo atop its matching story. A story just waiting to be read. Get to that page by scanning the QR code or typing in the web address listed inside the Stor-E-Card.

Who should I send a Stor-E-Card to?

Anyone who likes to see beauty in a photo, likes to read, likes to think, likes to feel, likes to like…that would be all of your sweet friends and family members, right? Maybe one or two for yourself as well.

How do I pick which cards to send?

All cards have positive messages. You can narrow your choice down on the order page.

When will my Stor-E-Cards arrive?

The hand-held Stor-E-Card will ship out within 24 hours after the order has been placed, and arrive in due course via the mail system.

Can I personalize the Stor-E-Cards?

Yes! We can do it for you, just type your message (20 words or less) on the order form. Done.

What do the sentences inside each Stor-E-Card mean?

Each card has a line from the story to tickle your fancy, push your curiosity button and make you (or your giftee) want to “open the book.”

What if I want some Stor-E-Cards to keep on hand and give out as gifts myself?

Great! Order away and they’ll be there soon. Admire the photos, read the flash fiction, share when and where you chose! Start your collection today.