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Tradition Dances Digitally With Technology

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66 thumb
We have a lot of work to do.
The Treasure of Anna and Bula
60 thumb
“Some of what the American forces left behind after World War II.”
Sunken memory
59 thumb
The wide sea’s rhythm and sound, my anchor.
58 thumb
Know the most powerful thing in the world is a smile.
Three girls
52 thumb
It is time to blend in, to the water, the sunset and the volleyball game.
Island Volley
65 thumb
Church: a space between heaven and earth.
56 thumb
What delight.
74 thumb
Tutanekai’s role is prophetic.
68 thumb
There’s more to life than just being black and white all the time.
Bella shops
67 thumb
Zelda stood and studied her mission.
Zelda finds her fortress
73 thumb
Nothing takes away the past like the future.
Bookshop in a lost city
36 thumb
Why not wriggle out of sox, share the moment, be bold!
We nailed it!
63 thumb
Mee and Te Pokiha are similar.
Maori Hongi
44 thumb
I am jealous of myself.
Praying Mantis moments
51 thumb
Lucky - that’s what Albert thinks most people are.
War Medals
47 thumb
Healing hangs peacefully in the air.
Into the Fold
45 thumb
Every day is the game of life, where people win simply by playing.
Mexican Train Dominoes
39 thumb
He's part spaniel, lab and mermaid.
14 thumb
At age 93 Agnes felt lucky.
Austin 1300
50 thumb
Happy 21st! I knew it’d only get better.
38 thumb
"Thanks" and "you're welcome" are the same thing from a dog's perspective - a niceness between species.
Joe & Scotty
25 thumb
Once upon a time, our green house was nowhere near as neat as it looks now.
12 thumb
Why is it that something so delicious is not meant to remain in this world for very long?
43 thumb
We can't print our own money, but we can grow our own food.
How it works
11 thumb
You are my everything.
Flower power
37 thumb
Come on along and have some: Fun.
Taking the cakes
27 thumb
That's what happens with angels, things bend towards them.
Bent angels
46 thumb
Long moments. Gentle breeze. Laughter.
Lakeside picnic
48 thumb
Love photoshops our vision.
Color of love
29 thumb
Two angels were barely noticeable as they flew in to the graveyard towards the statue's wings.
Angels beside
20 thumb
Ahoy there!
Beached glass
10 thumb
Bob owed no one.
Bob's choices
22 thumb
Super powers only seemed to strengthen, as did their heels.
The seventh girls' ball
16 thumb
She was the seer.
31 thumb
Maybe the mermaids' underwater songs move in synch with the moon's ebbing and waning.
Mermaid moments
23 thumb
I need you.
19 thumb
Be King for the day, I say, it is worthwhile.
35 thumb
Soaring high above the lake, Simon grinned against the wind.
33 thumb
Blue is the summer sky, your loves deep eyes, a childs crisp school uniform and that delicious vein in cheeses.
What's behind the red door?
24 thumb
If a fairy is kept, will she ever fly away?
Fairy fun
41 thumb
I want to reach inside her silky neck and pull out the words that must be meant for us.
Camper van
32 thumb
Ask Matakite.
Carving culture
17 thumb
Two skinny women are winding up on lattes...laughing and gasping.
Claire's coffeeshop
40 thumb
Give up your work and just sit, dream, write it all down - and there's your bestseller.
Morning broke
28 thumb
Bouquets are reborn again each year, as if in imitation of last years flowers.
Greece grows
21 thumb
The symphony of scenery!
Harper's Tuesday
15 thumb
I guess I was waiting for something to happen.
Pineapple Piña
18 thumb
Style points for balance and grace.
30 thumb
What is the meaning of life?
Jack Frost
13 thumb
Night fell and red birds nest with her new egg was as warm as the inside of a Chinese restaurant.
Red bird
34 thumb
The view is made more real when doubled up.
Two leaves
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